Qingfeng Tian

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Active protein synthesis during early oogenesis requires accelerated transcription of ribosomal RNA genes (rDNAs). In response to this demand, rDNAs are amplified more than 1000-fold early in Xenopus oogenesis. Here, we report evidence that rDNA is not amplified in mouse oocytes, but these cells may instead employ the zinc-finger protein basonuclin, a(More)
In amphibians, dorsoventral asymmetry is established by cortical rotation, a cytoplasmic rearrangement in the egg which activates a dorsal determinant on one side of the zygote. This determinant has been proposed to be either Vgl, an endodermally derived molecule that can directly induce ectoderm to form dorsal mesoderm, or a member of the Wnt family, which(More)
The Xenopus Wnt-8 gene is transiently expressed in ventral and lateral mesoderm during gastrulation and plays a critical role in patterning these tissues. In the current study, we show that the spatial and temporal pattern of expression of endogenous Xwnt-8 is regulated, in part, at a post-transcriptional level. We have identified a novel sequence element(More)
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