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—With the increased focus on Internet privacy, especially after the exposure of PRISM(an Internet surveillance program), anonymous communication have been getting more and more attentions. One of the most widely used anonymous communication systems is I2P(Invisible Internet Project). And as opposed to Tor's(another popular anonymous communication system)(More)
with the worldwide increasing of Internet censorship, censorship-resistance technology has attracted more and more attentions, some famous systems, such as Tor and JAP, have been deployed to provide public service for censorship-resistance. However, these systems all rely on dedicated infrastructure and entry points for service accessibility. The network(More)
Tor is one of the most well-known anonymity networks that provides anonymity to service providers such as hidden web services. Recently size and content of Tor hidden services are highly concerned because of emerging illegal content. It is necesary to have discovery and analysis approaches to collect and analyze Tor hidden services. Previous in-band(More)
With increasingly concerned with of erosion of privacy, privacy preserving and censorship-resistance techniques are becoming more and more important. Anonymous communication techniques offer an important method defense against Internet censorship, but don’t hide the fact that the users are using them. We present an efficient anonymous and unobservable(More)
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