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Based on that higher-order cumulants is insensitive to add-Gaussian noise and symmetric noise, a method for detecting feature of signal embedded in additive noise is presented, which combines a filter banks and higher-order cumulants, neither the supposition of the observed signal is Gaussian or stationary, nor a prior information about the waveform and(More)
Current bond quality evaluation technologies mainly depend on offline methods such as visual inspection of the appearance of bonds and batch destructive testing after bonding. In this paper we propose a new method for online evaluation of bonding quality. The method directly exploits the input electrical signal of piezoelectric transducer in ultrasonic wire(More)
An algorithm for the estimation of parameters that characterize a multi-frequency damped sinusoidal signal is presented. At first, the signal is weighted by using the Hanning window before the fast Fourier transform (FFT), then the frequencies, amplitudes, phases and damped factors of the signal are obtained by frequency domain interpolation. It is shown(More)
The fault detection for networked control systems with network induced time delay is discussed in this paper. The Kalman filter is designed to compensate the time delay. The residue is only related to fault and random disturbance. By computing the residue between the output of the practical system and the output of the Kalman filter, the fault detection(More)
In the traditional fault diagnosis technology, classical life and reliability tests require sufficient sample size when diagnose the faults and forecast the future states. However, there is even less sample size for machinery products, especially for major equipment. The Support Vector Machine based on Statistical Learning Theory can solve this problem. In(More)
BACKGROUND Bovine tuberculosis has led to serious economic losses for Sika Deer producers in China. Strategies for controlling the spread of Mycobacterium bovis are often hampered by a lack of epidemiological data. Specifically, tracing infections requires the ability to trace back infections, which, in turn, requires the ability to determine isolates with(More)
In reality, manufacturers motivate sales agents to increase promotional effort with the sales rebate and penalty contract, the agents always concern about the fairness, and information flow structure among agents is a small-world network. In order to improve incentive performance under this situation, this paper builds a multi-agent model mainly to observe(More)