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Understanding the time-course of dry matter (DM) and nitrogen (N) accumulation in terms of yield-trait relationships is essential to simultaneously increase grain yield and synchronize N demand and N supply. We collected 413 data points from 11 field experiments to address patterns of DM and N accumulation with time in relation to grain yield and management(More)
PURPOSE To identify the genetic mutation associated with distinct cases of open-angle glaucoma noted in a Chinese family. METHODS Clinical examination and pedigree analysis were undertaken in a family with a large number of primary open-angle glaucoma cases. Venous blood samples were drawn from six affected and six unaffected subjects in the family.(More)
Although the goal of doubling food demand while simultaneously reducing agricultural environmental damage has become widely accepted, the dominant agricultural paradigm still considers high yields and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity to be in conflict with one another. Here, we achieved an increase in maize yield of 70% in on-farm experiments by(More)
Mutations in the coding region of the OPTN gene are associated with certain glaucomas. Although the function of the optineurin protein is yet to be elucidated, the most common mutation, E50K, is associated with a severe phenotype. Plasmids expressing wild-type Optineurin (WT) and mutant Optineurin(E50K) were transfected into RGC-5 and monitored by(More)
Climate change can reduce crop yields and thereby threaten food security. The current measures used to adapt to climate change involve avoiding crops yield decrease, however, the limitations of such measures due to water and other resources scarcity have not been well understood. Here, we quantify how the sensitivity of maize to water availability has(More)
Based on that higher-order cumulants is insensitive to add-Gaussian noise and symmetric noise, a method for detecting feature of signal embedded in additive noise is presented, which combines a filter banks and higher-order cumulants, neither the supposition of the observed signal is Gaussian or stationary, nor a prior information about the waveform and(More)
Daidzein belongs to the group of isoflavones, found in a wide variety of plant-derived foods, especially in soybeans and soy-based foods. In this study, the effect of daidzein on human gastric carcinoma cells (BGC-823) and its mechanism were investigated. MTT assay was applied in the detection of the inhibitory effects of daidzein on cell proliferation.(More)
In the present work, Site-directed mutagenesis to insert the Glu50Lys amino acid substitution was achieved by PCR using plasmid pBluescript-OPTN. Mutated human OPTN(E50K) gene-driven mouse c-kit promoter was constructed and confirmed by endonuclease digestion and sequence analysis. Transgenic mice were generated via the microinjection method. PCR and DNA(More)