Qingfeng Hu

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This paper presents an overview of TianHe-1A (TH-1A) supercomputer, which is built by National University of Defense Technology of China (NUDT). TH-1A adopts a hybrid architecture by integrating CPUs and GPUs, and its interconnect network is a proprietary high-speed communication network. The theoretical peak performance of TH-1A is 4700 TFlops, and its(More)
Acute systemic thermal therapy can improve arterial stiffness in both animals and humans. We examined and compared the effects of acute local thermal therapy (footbath) on an indicator of human arterial stiffness, cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI), in 16 healthy young (29.4 ± 0.4 years) and 16 older (59.8 ± 1.7 years) women. Measurements were made at(More)
Dealloying, a famous ancient etching technique, was used to produce nanoporous metals decades ago. With the development of dealloying techniques and theories, various interesting dealloying products including nanoporous metals/alloys, metal oxides and composites, which exhibit excellent catalytic, optical and sensing performance, have been developed in(More)
This study investigated the aminoglycoside resistance phenotypes and genotypes, as well as the prevalence of virulence genes, in Enterococcus species isolated from clinical patients in China. A total of 160 enterococcal isolates from various clinical samples collected from September 2013 to July 2014 were identified to the species level using the VITEK-2(More)
OBJECTIVES To summarize our experience of retroperitoneal laparoscopic ureterolithotomy for ureteral calculi and evaluate the safety and efficiency of this procedure. METHODS We conducted a retrospective analysis of 197 patients with proximal ureteral calculi who accepted retroperitoneal laparoscopic ureterolithotomy from June 2005 to June 2014. RESULTS(More)
Class 1 integrons play important roles in the emergence and horizontal transfer of antibiotic resistance genes among bacteria. The gene cassette promoter variants Pc or Pc-P2 of class 1 integrons not only drive the transcription of downstream gene cassettes, they also correlate with the excision and integration efficiency of the capture exogenous gene(More)
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