Qingfeng Guan

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How expected increases in climate variability will affect species diversity depends on the role of such variability in regulating the coexistence of competing species. Despite theory linking temporal environmental fluctuations with the maintenance of diversity, the importance of climate variability for stabilizing coexistence remains unknown because of a(More)
A general-purpose parallel raster processing programming library (pRPL) was developed and applied to speed up a commonly used cellular automaton model with known tractability limitations. The library is suitable for use by geographic information scientists with basic programming skills, but who lack knowledge and experience of parallel computing and(More)
Areal interpolation is the procedure of using known attribute values at a set of (source) areal units to predict unknown attribute values at another set of (target) units. Geostatistical areal interpolation employs spatial prediction algorithms, that is, variants of Kriging, which explicitly incorporate spatial autocorrelation and scale differences between(More)
In this research, a constrained cellular automata (CA) model based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is developed to simulate and forecast urban growth. As we know, many factors impact urban growth, and relationships among them are complex and non-linear. In geographic CA research, models with different rules and symbology have been developed to simulate(More)
Accurate and fine-grained discovery by diverse Earth observation (EO) sensors ensures a comprehensive response to collaborative observation-required emergency tasks. This discovery remains a challenge in an EO sensor web environment. In this study, we propose an EO sensor observation capability metadata model that reuses and extends the existing sensor(More)
In the Earth Observation sensor web environment, the rapid, accurate, and unified discovery of diverse remote sensing satellite sensors, and their association to yield an integrated solution for a comprehensive response to specific emergency tasks pose considerable challenges. In this study, we propose a remote sensing satellite sensor object model, based(More)
Compressed sensing changes the conventional image processing model of full collection-sampling-compression-transmission-reconstruction and provides a more feasible way to the UAV wireless transmission. Existing matching pursuit algorithms cannot simultaneously meet the requirements of reconstruction accuracy and reconstruction efficiency in UAV wireless(More)