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BACKGROUND Proteinuria, one of the main manifestations of nephrotic syndrome, is an important risk factor for the progression of renal diseases. Podocyte foot processes (FPs) injury induces proteinuria in most renal diseases. The podocyte cytoskeleton plays important roles in maintaining the normal morphology of FPs. However, the underlying cytoskeletal(More)
We propose a scheme to reach shorter multicast delay, better energy utilizing efficiency and higher efficiency of data transferring for Sensor Grid. Our scheme calculates the space, energy and data weight vectors in one cluster. Then it searches a new vector composed by the linear combination of the three individual ones. We build game balance equation, use(More)
BACKGROUND Pierson syndrome is typically manifested with congenital nephrotic syndrome (CNS) and peculiar ocular changes. LAMB2 was the causative gene. METHODS A 3.25-year-old girl presenting with childhood-onset heavy proteinuria, bilateral myosis and nystagmus was detected on mutations of LAMB2 gene by PCR direct sequencing. RESULTS Two novel(More)
Activation of the slit diaphragm protein nephrin induces actin cytoskeletal remodeling, resulting in lamellipodia formation in podocytes in vitro in a phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase-, focal adhesion kinase-, Cas-, and Crk1/2-dependent fashion. In mice, podocyte-specific deletion of Crk1/2 prevents or attenuates foot process effacement in two models of(More)
Membranous nephropathy is a glomerular disease typified by a nephrotic syndrome without infiltration of inflammatory cells or proliferation of resident cells. Although the cause of the disease is unknown, the primary pathology involves the generation of autoantibodies against antigen targets on the surface of podocytes. The mechanisms of nephrotic(More)
BACKGROUND Dysfunction of mitochondria is involved in podocyte injury in some kidney diseases, but the relationship between abnormal mitochondrial morphology and podocyte injury as well as the underlying mechanism is still unclear. This study aims to investigate dynamic changes of mitochondrial morphology and the potential molecular events in an adriamycin(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the nitrogen (N) mineralization process and applying appropriate model simulation are key factors in evaluating N mineralization. However, there are few studies of the N mineralization characteristics of paddy soils in Mollisols area of Northeast China. MATERIALS AND METHODS The soils were sampled from the counties of Qingan and(More)