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Software complexity Metrics is an important basis of the software process management. However, until now, there is not a very effective approach to measure the software complexity. In the paper, we proposed a new approach to measure software complexity, i.e. Software Power(SP). Firstly, the definition derived, then, some examples given to demonstrate the(More)
software test is an important phase of software development. System level testing (system testing) is the final checkpoint of software quality control before software delivery for acceptance testing. However, until now, there is not an effective design method of system function test cases. In this paper, an effective method and better ideas are presented in(More)
This paper puts forward an algorithm that implements recovery of SVG format GIS images at specific timestamp. As GIS images are stored by XML format according to different timestamp sequence version increment. Our research mainly focuses on the recovery of SVG format GIS image at specific timestamp by incremental storage strategy and the strategy has been(More)
As a next generation of Web application, XML is quite easy and readable. However, existing XML processor is not. DOM (Document Object Model) uses too much memory and is quite slow. SAX (Simple API for XML) chooses to access information without structure, so it's uneasy to use. As the next generation of XML processing model, VTD-XML provides a wide range of(More)
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