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Metastatic microenvironments are spatially and compositionally heterogeneous. This seemingly stochastic heterogeneity provides researchers great challenges in elucidating factors that determine metastatic outgrowth. Herein, we develop and implement an integrative platform that will enable researchers to obtain novel insights from intricate metastatic(More)
Hierarchical heteronuclear metal-organic gels (MOGs) based on iron (Fe) and aluminium (Al) metal-organic framework (MOF) backbones bridged by tri-carboxylate ligands have firstly been synthesized by simple solvothermal method. Monometallic MOGs based on Fe or Al give homogenous monoliths, which have been tuned by introduction of heterogeneity in the system(More)
To cater for the demands of electrochemical energy storage system, the development of cost effective, durable and highly efficient electrode materials is desired. Here, a novel electrode material based on redox active β-Co(OH)2 and B, N co-doped graphene nanohybrid is presented for electrochemical supercapacitor by employing a facile metal-organic(More)
—The multifractal is a suitable method for analyze the irregularity and self-similarity of metallogenic elementary grade distribution. Taking the soil survey data along multiple exploration lines in the Shangzhuang gold deposit, Shandong province, China, as the object, using the generalized dimension and multifractal spectrum, the inhomogeneity and(More)
Mineralized intensity in drifts or drills can be described by both the proportion and the spatial cluster of the high concentrations. In this paper, the lacunarity is utilized to analyze the mineralized intensity in drifts of the Dayingezhuang gold ore deposit in Jiaodong, Shandong province, China. It shows that the lacunarity index can identify the mineral(More)
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