Qingfang Wang

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The performance of the three-layer ONIOM method was systematically investigated by comparing the optimized geometries and calculated deprotonation energy of a zwitterionic peptide molecule, NH3(+)-CH(n)Bu-CO-NH-CH2-CO-NH-CH(n)Bu-COO(-), using all possible combinations of B3LYP/6-31G* as the high-level quantum (HQ), AM1 as the low-level quantum (LQ), and(More)
Time series remote sensing products with both fine spatial and dense temporal resolutions are urgently needed for many earth system studies. The development of small satellite constellations with identical sensors affords novel opportunities to provide such kind of earth observations. In this paper, a new dense time series 30-m image product was proposed(More)
The mechanisms of dinitrogen hydrogenation by two different complexes--[(eta(5)-C(5)Me(4)H)(2)Zr](2)(mu(2),eta(2),eta(2)-N(2)), synthesized by Chirik and co-workers [Nature 2004, 427, 527], and {[P(2)N(2)]Zr}(2)(mu(2),eta(2),eta(2)-N(2)), where P(2)N(2) = PhP(CH(2)SiMe(2)NSiMe(2)CH(2))(2)PPh, synthesized by Fryzuk and co-workers [Science 1997, 275,(More)
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