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Correlation imaging method based on local wavenumber for interpreting magnetic data
Abstract Depth estimation is a general task in the interpretation of magnetic data, and local wavenumber is an effective tool to accomplish this task, but this method requires the structural index ofExpand
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Entropy-Based Victim Search in RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation
This paper introduces an entropy based search model to RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation System   which enables our search agents to find victims as early as possible. Expand
Geophysical and geochemical characteristics of western Xar Moron suture zone
Abstract Geophysical field data are used to identify the Xar Moron fault and structural differences on both sides are contrasted, the density in the horizontal and vertical directions is discussed.Expand
Mechanical Response Before and After Rotor Inter-turn Short-circuit Fault on Stator Windings in Synchronous Generator
This paper studies on the stator winding electromagnetic force (EF) and mechanical response under rotor interturn short circuit (RISC) fault in synchronous generators. Taking the phase A of statorExpand
The Efficient 3D Gravity Focusing Density Inversion Based on Preconditioned JFNK Method under Undulating Terrain: A Case Study from Huayangchuan, Shaanxi Province, China
Since polymetallic ores show higher anomalies in gravity exploration methods, we usually obtain the position and range of ore bodies by density inversion of gravity data. The three-dimensional (3D)Expand