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We consider the wrinkling of highly stretched, thin rectangular sheets – a problem that has attracted the attention of several investigators in recent years, nearly all of which employ the classical Föppl-von Kármán (F-K) theory of plates. (See Figure 1 below for a schematic diagram.) We first propose a rational model that correctly accounts for large(More)
This paper uncovers several new stable periodic gaits in the simplest passive walking bipedal model proposed in the literature. It is demonstrated that the model has period-3 to period-7 gaits beside the period-1 gaits found by Garcia et al. By simulations, this paper shows that each of these new gaits leads to chaos via period-doubling bifurcation and(More)
We present some rich new complex gaits in the simple walking model with upper body by Wisse et al. in [Robotica 22, 681 (2004)]. We first show that the stable gait found by Wisse et al. may become chaotic via period-doubling bifurcations. Such period-doubling routes to chaos exist for all parameters, such as foot mass, upper body mass, body length, hip(More)