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Mine elevators are large electromechanical equipment with integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts, bearing the task of carrying material, equipment and personnel between ground and below ground levels. The mine elevator is the spine of the underground mining industry. At present, a great deal of elevating equipment on active service in(More)
Mine hoist is responsible for important tasks such as upgrading coal and gangue, lowering materials, lifting personnel and equipment. With increasing of mine depth and lifting capacity, multi-rope friction hoist becomes a key lifting equipment in major coal mines of China due to its advantages of small size, low weight, great lifting capacity, safe(More)
After running for a long time, fan impeller, inlet box, air inlet, and fan casing of mine ventilation main fan are corroded seriously. Thus is a threat to safe operation of main fans, which increases running resistance and reduces efficiency. Therefore, main fan corroded can't meet actual needs of field-work. China's scientific research institutes and(More)
The sewage treatment system plays an important role in the environmental protection of the city, there are several kinds of parameters that need to be monitored simultaneously in order to make the progress under control. Wired monitoring system is still the main approach to monitor the parameter in the existing sewage monitoring system while it has the(More)
This paper provides WiMAX BS (base station) MAC system design and performance analysis based on Intel IXP2350, which includes MAC design key issues discussion, base station usage model and architecture, MAC hardware and software high level design with performance analysis. Especially, the WiMAX base station is user-specific, and WiMAX MAC software is one of(More)
In many clustering processes, the presence of more information does not usually generate a corresponding increase in the performance of clustering. The presence of irrelevant information decreases the effectiveness of the clustering algorithm. We propose a solution to improve the quality of clustering that is an attribute-weighted clustering algorithm based(More)
Temperature underground coal mine is an important index, especially for mining workers underground. To monitor the temperature effectively, a temperature measurement and control system is necessary to design. Temperature value is displayed on LED screen on line. When temperature value reaches the maximum, conditioning device connected with the opening end(More)
As a visual inspection system can’t meet all the testing demands of various types of piston assembly, a visual inspection reconfigurable model for piston assembly was designed. A five-layer gray box model was established based on analyzing the process of visual inspection, and expressed by extension element; On this basis, a foundation scheme library was(More)
This paper describes the design of immunity to electromagnetic interference of current mirror. Starting from basic current mirror, then analysing them gradually so as to improve the capability of electromagnetic compatibility. Firstly, introducing the structure of current mirror of immune to electromagnetic interference, which arises from genetic evolution.(More)
*Corresponding author: Mingxing Lin Email: mxlin@sdu.edu.cn Abstract—Traditional fuzzy clustering algorithm is applicable for noiseless image segmentation. However, it is powerless for the images with noise, special point values and defects. An algorithm which combines spatial fuzzy clustering and level set for indoor scene segmentation is proposed in this(More)