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—This paper proposes an efficient and simple architecture for 9/7 Discrete Wavelet Transform based on Distributed Arithmetic. To derive new proposed architecture, we consider the periodicity and symmetry of DWT to optimize the performance and reduce the computational redundancy. The inner product of coefficient matrix of DWT is distributed over the input by(More)
Species pool hypothesis is broadly known and frequently tested in various regions and vegetation types. However it has not been tested in the arid Xinjiang region of China due to lack of data. Here with systematic data from references and field survey, we comprehensively examined species pool hypothesis in this region. Took species richness in 0.1° × 0.1°(More)
Forest pests and diseases is very important to forest because it not only restricts the development of forest, but also causes huge economic. Chemical pesticides control the pests and diseases effectively and pollute environment seriously. How to reduce the amount of pesticide is the research hotspot in the field of plant protection. Forest plant protection(More)
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