Qingchun Meng

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The local fuzzy fractal dimension (LFFD) is proposed to extract local fractal feature of medical images. The definition of LFFD is an extension of the pixel-covering method by incorporating the fuzzy set. Multi-feature edge detection is implemented with the LFFD and the Sobel operator. The LFFD can also serve as a characteristic of motion in medical image(More)
Research the effect of stator current of asynchronous motor on shafting torsional vibration under variable-frequency power sources, a simulation model of shafting torsional vibration detection based on MATLAB/SIMULINK is aiming at revealing response and law of stator current on shafting torsional vibration in the event of inverter power supplying, which(More)
The accuracy of concrete strength inspection has a great influence on the safety evaluation of the building. In order to increase the accuracy, Fuzzy Neural Network (FNN) was built up to evaluate concrete stmngth: It takes full advantage of the characteristics of the common concrete testing methods: drill and rebound, and the abilities of FNN including(More)
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