Qingchun Meng

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There is wide concern about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) because of their carcinogenic and mutagenic potential. The coking industry is an important source of PAHs. In this study, 36 arable soil samples, a sensitive medium from the perspective of food safety and health, were collected from one of the largest coke production bases in China. The(More)
The local fuzzy fractal dimension (LFFD) is proposed to extract local fractal feature of medical images. The definition of LFFD is an extension of the pixel-covering method by incorporating the fuzzy set. Multi-feature edge detection is implemented with the LFFD and the Sobel operator. The LFFD can also serve as a characteristic of motion in medical image(More)
Metformin is a first-line used agent for type II diabetes with few side effects. The antineoplastic effect of metformin was widely explored recently. Metformin may also be a prospective chemosensitizer or radiosensitizer in cancer treatment. In the present study, we firstly showed that metformin could effectively enhance the anti-proliferation effect of(More)
Research the effect of stator current of asynchronous motor on shafting torsional vibration under variable-frequency power sources, a simulation model of shafting torsional vibration detection based on MATLAB/SIMULINK is aiming at revealing response and law of stator current on shafting torsional vibration in the event of inverter power supplying, which(More)
In this paper, the encoding techniques of Genetic Algorithms are studied and a sufficient convergence condition on genetic encoding is presented. Some new categories of codes are defined, such as Uniform code, Bias code, Tri-sector code and Symmetric codes etc. Meanwhile, some new definitions on genetic encoding as well as some operations are presented, so(More)
In this study, the effects of open innovation practices on enterprise value were discussed based on the supply chain perspective. A nonlinear programming mode was constructed considering the uncertainty of open innovation effect. On this basis, the prototype was analyzed using a robust optimization approach with comprehensive considerations to the(More)