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Crop identification is the basis of crop monitoring using remote sensing. Remote sensing the extent and distribution of individual crop types has proven useful to a wide range of users, including policy-makers, farmers, and scientists. Northern China is not merely the political, economic, and cultural centre of China, but also an important base for grain(More)
This study used time-series of NDVI datasets at a spatial resolution of 8 km and 15-day interval to identify the spatial patterns of cropland phenology in China. To do so, a smoothing algorithm based on an asymmetric Gaussian function was first performed on NDVI dataset to minimize the effects of anomalous values caused by atmospheric haze and cloud(More)
Grassland in north China faces serious ecological degradation in recent decades. Overgrazing and unsuitable farming over the grassland are believed to be the direct causes leading to such ecological disasters as sand and dust storms in north China. Objective of the study is to integrate remote sensing and GIS technology for evaluation of grassland(More)
Crop yield data is a key indicator for national food security and sustainable development of society. Winter wheat is one of the most important main crops and Huanghuaihai Plain is the most important productive region in North China. So, the authors had a research on regional yield prediction for winter wheat based on crop biomass estimation using(More)
This study aims to examine the suitability of Globcover land cover dataset for its accuracy in mapping and monitoring cropland in Northeast China three provinces. To do so, Globcover dataset was compared with the reference national land cover dataset 2000 (NLCD-2000) for assessing the aggregated area and spatial extent of cropland across the study area. The(More)
In this paper, the authors proposed a new work and process flow algorithm about remote sensing image data to forest fire identification and monitoring, which was greatly different with the traditional approaches. Therefore, a more useful context method was used to detect forest fire spots, banes on statistic rationale, meanwhile the cloud-contaminated(More)
With the sustaining economic development in China, the timely, accurate and objective agricultural production information service has been highly demanded by the central and provincial governments. China Agricultural Remote Sensing Monitoring System (CHARMS) is an operational agricultural monitoring system in the Ministry of Agriculture of China to meet(More)