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This work presents the mimicking of the main rhythmic gait patterns of a quadrupedal animal as an illustration of a novel approach to the prediction and generation of coupled neural oscillation. Based on Scheduling by Multiple Edge Reversal (SMER), a simple though powerful distributed algorithm, it is shown how oscillatory building blocks (OBBs) can be(More)
Izhikevich network is a relatively new neuronal network, which consists of cortical spiking model neurons with axonal conduction delays and spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) with hard bound adaptation. In this work, we use uniform and Gaussian distributions respectively to initialize the weights of all excitatory neurons. After the network undergoes(More)
A novel grouping Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm(for short GPSO) is proposed in this paper to solve the problem of premature convergence of PSO algorithm for multi-mode and high-dimension functions. In this algorithm, the solution space of an optimization problem is divided into Q subspaces. N particles are assigned to each subspace, and a total(More)
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