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The dynamic changes of the topology caused by the movement of nodes makes routing become one of the key problems in the mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET). So how to optimize routing becomes a hot and difficult topic, among which optimizing routing cache is one of the key techniques. In this paper, we propose an adaptive dynamic cache routing (DCR) strategy(More)
To solve the non-uniform distribution of stored energy in cold worked materials, a new stored energy distribution model is presented based on mesoscopic mechanism. Then it is introduced into Monte Carlo model to simulate the recrystallization process of pure ferrite steel plate. Through the comparison of simulated results and experimental/theoretical ones,(More)
SetSearch is a Set-Oriented and Entity-Aware Search System for Biomedical Literature, aiming to provide more accurate search results than existing literature search engine like Google Scholar or PubMed. Our work in this project, is aiming to do query expansion, reconstruct the query by using synonyms and related terms base on ontology, where ontology in our(More)
A modified Voronoi model is established based on the Richard’s method to generate 2D non-equiaxed initial microstructure for Monte Carlo simulation of recrystallization. It is verified to be efficient by comparing the simulated results and the experimental ones. Then the model is introduced to simulate the recrystallization process of pure ferrite steel(More)
The optimization of the electrode structure plays an important role in the improvement of the charge collection efficiency of diamond film radiation detector. In this paper the finite element (FE) method is utilized to design and optimize the electrode geometry. For 1&#x00D7;1 cm<sup>2</sup> diamond film model, the detector provided the best charge(More)
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