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The RNA binding proteins Rbfox1/2/3 regulate alternative splicing in the nervous system, and disruption of Rbfox1 has been implicated in autism. However, comprehensive identification of functional Rbfox targets has been challenging. Here, we perform HITS-CLIP for all three Rbfox family members in order to globally map, at a single-nucleotide resolution,(More)
The relative importance of regulatory versus structural evolution for the evolution of different biological systems is a subject of controversy. The primacy of regulatory evolution in the diversification of morphological traits has been promoted by many evolutionary developmental biologists. For physiological traits, however, the role of regulatory(More)
Event-related potential (ERP) is the measurement of the brain's electrical activity in response to different types of events, such as attention, words, thinking, or sounds. By measuring the brain's response to such events, we can learn how different types of information are processed. As the mass of recorded ERP data explodes, an automatic and accurate tool(More)
In the present study, the effects of the co-transfer of the tumor growth inhibitor 4 gene (ING4) together with the Oncostatin M (OSM) were investigated on tumor regression and subsequent tumor recurrence. We constructed a recombinant adenovirus carrying ING4 and OSM, which could induce high-level expression of these three genes in NPC CNE-1 cells. Ad-ING4,(More)
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