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BACKGROUND The number of endometrial cancer (EC) cases is escalating rapidly, with no evident improvements in survival rates. The downregulation of progesterone receptor, resulting in progestin resistance, is presently a major problem regarding the therapeutic aspect. On the basis of this, we can focus more on the downstream signaling pathways that are(More)
By means of linear matrix inequality (LMI), a robust stability analysis method is presented to discuss the robust stability for uncertain T-S fuzzy singular systems. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, a sufficient condition which makes the uncertain T-S fuzzy singular systems robust stability is obtained. Moreover, an ellipse constraint is given to(More)
AIM Elevated levels of sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1 (SREBP-1) have been found in endometrial cancer (EC), suggesting that it is essential to the development of EC. Obesity and diabetes have been established as known risk factors of EC, while SREBF-1 gene polymorphisms have also been found to be associated with obesity and type II diabetes.(More)
OBJECTIVE To analysis the volatile components in Alpiniae Katsumadai Semen. METHODS The volatile components were extracted from Alpiniae Katsumadai Semen by steam distillation, head space injection and supercritical fluid extraction respectively, and then analyzed by GC-MS combined with Kovat's retention index. RESULTS The volatile components extracted(More)
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