Qing-ming Wang

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Presented in this paper is the study of the performance evaluation of a valveless micropump driven by a ring-type piezoelectric actuator. The application of this micropump is to circulate fuel inside a miniaturized direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) power system. A theoretical model based on the theory of plates and shells is established to estimate the(More)
In this paper, the electrode effects on mass sensitivity of GaN thin film bulk acoustic wave resonator (FBAR) sensors have been studied. The equation of electric impedance of FBARs with structure of mass sensitive layer/electrode/GaN/electrode has been derived by one dimensional transmission line model for frequency calculation. In the simulation, to(More)
Perovskite ferroelectric materials present evidently anisotropic characteristics on piezoelectricity. Here we successfully controlled the morphology and orientations of BaTiO<sub>3</sub> particles and obtained the highly &lt;;001&gt; oriented film by a facile interfacial self-assembled method. A high output flexible piezoelectric generator based on highly(More)
The recently developed macro fiber composites (MFCs) with in-plane aligned PZT fibers embedded in polymeric thick films combine the excellent piezoelectric property of PZT fibers and the flexibility of polymer, which are suitable for many smart materials and intelligent structure applications. In this paper, we present both theoretical and experimental(More)
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