Qing-li Wang

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BACKGROUND Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis is an extremely rare hereditary disorder linked to variants in NTRK1. Our goal was to characterize the clinical features and the genetic basis of the disorder in Chinese patients. METHODS Patients were enrolled via social networking. Clinical features were investigated by interview, chart review,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the protective effects of N-[2-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-ethyl]-2-(2,5-dimethoxy-phenyl)-3-(3-methoxy-4-hydroxy-phenyl)-acrylamide (FLZ), a synthetic squamosamide cyclic derivative, on senescent mice induced by d-galactose/NaNO2 (120/90 mg/kg, i.p.) once daily for 60 days. FLZ (75 and 150 mg/kg) was orally administered once(More)
The killing effect of different concentrations of garlic extract solution on Schistosoma japonicum cercariae and Oncomelania snails was observed under dissecting microscope. Mice were infected by cercariae through the abdominal skin daubed by garlic solution or by deionized water as control. The results showed that the cercariae were killed in (77.33 +/-(More)
AIM To investigate the effect of firing noise on gastrointestinal transit and probe its mechanism by measuring the levels of plasma polypeptide hormones. METHODS A total of 64 SD rats were randomly divided into a control group and three stimulating groups. Firing noise of different intensity by sub-machine guns was used as inflicting factor. The effect of(More)
The competition and dynamics of dominant trees species in the forest ecotone between the broad-leaved/Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) mixed forest and the spruce-fir forest (also known as dark conifer forest) in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province in Northeast China were studied by using Lotka-Volterra model, based on the data from twenty-eight sample plots(More)
Boundaries between different forest types in Changbai Mountain Eastern China are results from complex interactions between forest ecosystems, topography, and geomorphology. Detecting and quantifying the transitional zones are highly important since high environmental heterogeneity and biodiversity are often found within these zones. In this study, we used(More)
Soil nematode communities were investigated in the Changbai Mountain in Broad-leaved Korean Pine forest, Korean Pine and spruce-fix mixed forest, Dark Coniferous forest, Erman’s birch forest and Alpine tundra along different altitude gradients from 762 m to 2 200 m a.s.l. Soil animal samples were collected from the litter layer and the soil depth of 0–5 cm,(More)
This paper investigates the problem of stability analysis for a polytopic system with timevarying delay via parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions. By a relaxation approach with slack matrices and a descriptor model transformation, a new robust delay-dependent stability criterion is expressed as a set of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) with less(More)
Based on Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and satellite SPOT-5 data, and by using the spatial analysis function in Geographic Information System, a hierachical Ecological Classification System of forest landscape was developed for the eastern mountainous region of Liaoning Province, and the two lowest layers in the hierachical framework, Ecological Land Types(More)
A sampling plot investigation was conducted to study the soil organic carbon (SOC) storage in 0-40 cm layer in 10-, 15-, 26- and 61 years old Larix gmelinii plantations in Great Xing' an Mountains of Northeast China as well as the temporal variation pattern of the SOC source/sink during the plantation management after the clear cutting of primary L.(More)