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The paper presents the application of the trainable SFC superpositional prosodic model to Chinese. Within the SFC model, prosodic parameters (F0, syllabic lengthening) are interpreted as the superposition of overlapping multiparametric contours. These contours are associated with high-level prosodic features operating at different scopes, such as tones,(More)
This paper presents a numerical study on the mechanism of chloride migration in concrete. Unlike most of existing work, this study utilises multicomponent ionic transport models to reflect the influence of ionic interactions by coupling both mass conservation and Poisson's equations. A series of 2-D, 3-phase models with different shapes and volume fractions(More)
People often feel tired if they listen to synthesized speech for a long time. This is mainly because synthesized speech is too flat and never stresses the focus. Unlike traditional TTS research approaches of speaker simulation, the paper investigates stress prediction from the point of view of the hearer. An ideal hearer model is first proposed to predict(More)
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