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Digital terrain modeling - principles and methodology
Digital terrain representation. Data Acquisition Methodology. Terrain Surface Modeling (Reconstruction). Algorithms for Triangular Irregular Network Formation. Interpolation Methods. Data QualityExpand
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A source-based algorithm for delay-constrained minimum-cost multicasting
A new heuristic algorithm is presented for constructing minimum-cost multicast trees with delay constraints. The new algorithm can set variable delay bounds on destinations and handles two variantsExpand
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An iterative algorithm for delay-constrained minimum-cost multicasting
The bounded shortest multicast algorithm (BSMA) is presented for constructing minimum-cost multicast trees with delay constraints. The BSMA can handle asymmetric link characteristics and variableExpand
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Status and trends of mobile-health applications for iOS devices: A developer's perspective
Modern smart mobile devices offer media-rich and context-aware features that are highly useful for electronic-health (e-health) applications. It is therefore not surprising that these devices haveExpand
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Effects of Various Factors on the Accuracy of DEMs: An Intensive Experimental Investigation
A series of tests on the accuracy of DEMs is described. The effects of four factors on DEM accuracy have been tested, i.e., the accuracy, the density of source data, the characteristics of theExpand
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Health information privacy concerns, antecedents, and information disclosure intention in online health communities
Abstract This study explores the antecedents and consequences of health information privacy concerns in online health communities by integrating the dual calculus and protection motivation theories.Expand
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A Triangulation-based Hierarchical Image Matching Method for Wide-Baseline Images
This paper presents a triangulation-based hierarchical image matching method for wide-baseline images. The method includes the following three steps: (a) image orientation by incorporating the SIFTExpand
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Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Systems in Pure Feedback Form Based on Input-to-State Stability
Using mean value theorem and backstepping technique, a robust adaptive fuzzy control scheme is proposed for a class of pure-feedback nonlinear systems with unknown dead zone and disturbances viaExpand
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An efficient 3D R-tree spatial index method for virtual geographic environments
A three-dimensional (3D) spatial index is required for real time applications of integrated organization and management in virtual geographic environments of above ground, underground, indoor andExpand
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Integrated point and edge matching on poor textural images constrained by self-adaptive triangulations
Abstract This paper presents an innovative image matching method for reliable and dense image matching on poor textural images, which is the integrated point and edge matching based on theExpand
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