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A new heuristic algorithm is presented for constructing minimum-cost multicast trees with delay constraints. The new algorithm can set variable delay bounds on destinations and handles two variants of the network cost optimization goal: one minimizing the total cost (total bandwidth utilization) of the tree, and another minimizing the maximal link cost (the(More)
The bounded shortest multicast algorithm (BSMA) is presented for constructing minimum-cost multicast trees with delay constraints. BSMA can handle asymmetric link characteristics and variable delay bounds on destinations, speciied as real values and minimizes the total cost of a multicast routing tree. Instead of the single-pass tree construction approach(More)
Infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is still a major public health problem, and the events leading to hepatocyte infection are not yet fully understood. Combining confocal microscopy with biochemical analysis and studies of infection requirements using pharmacological inhibitors and small interfering RNAs, we show here that engagement of CD81 activates(More)
We used an adjoint version of the process-based Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (TEM) to optimize the model parameters in a spatially explicit manner by assimilating satellite-based estimates of gross primary production (GPP) in the conterminous United States. Traditionally, terrestrial ecosystem model parameterization is conducted at site-level for various(More)
Second Life supports rich communication, virtual collaboration, and 3-D content creation. The Second Life synthetic world has great potential for teaching and learning. There are hundreds of universities all over the world pay attention to the engaging teaching and learning aids and effective research tools in Second Life. For faculty members to adopt(More)
Lactoferrin induces osteoblast proliferation and survival in vitro and is anabolic to bone in vivo. The molecular mechanisms by which lactoferrin exerts these biological actions are not known, but lactoferrin is known to bind to two members of the low-density lipoprotein receptor family, low- density lipoprotein receptor-related proteins 1 (LRP1) and 2(More)
For an amorphous drug-polymer solid dispersion, a distinctive single T(g) intermediate of the two T(g) values of the two components has been widely considered as an indication of the mixing uniformity, which is critical for the stability of the amorphous drug against crystallization. In this study, two batches of amorphous solid dispersions consisting of(More)
Keywords: iOS m-Health applications Mobile development platforms a b s t r a c t Modern smart mobile devices offer media-rich and context-aware features that are highly useful for electronic-health (e-health) applications. It is therefore not surprising that these devices have gained acceptance as target devices for e-health applications, turning them into(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Yes-associated protein (YAP) and transcriptional co-activator with PDZ-binding motif (TAZ) are nuclear effectors of the Hippo pathway. Although they are abundantly expressed in the cytoplasm and nuclei of human colorectal cancer (CRC), and related to tumor proliferation status, there have been few studies on the predictive role of(More)