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Analytical and numerical studies of approximate phase velocity matching based nonlinear S0 mode Lamb waves for the detection of evenly distributed microstructural changes
Most previous studies on nonlinear Lamb waves are conducted using mode pairs that satisfying strict phase velocity matching and non-zero power flux criteria. However, there are some limitations inExpand
Application of improved morphological filter to the extraction of impulsive attenuation signals
Rotating machinery response is often characterized by the presence of periodic impulses modulated by high-frequency harmonic components. It can be defined with three parameters, which are naturalExpand
A mixture Weibull proportional hazard model for mechanical system failure prediction utilising lifetime and monitoring data
Abstract As mechanical systems increase in complexity, it is becoming more and more common to observe multiple failure modes. The system failure can be regarded as the result of interaction andExpand
A spike detection method in EEG based on improved morphological filter
Improved morphological filter is improved for extracting spikes from epileptic EEG signals and two key problems are addressed: morphological operation design and structure elements optimization. Expand
Numerical study on static component generation from the primary Lamb waves propagating in a plate with nonlinearity
Under the discipline of nonlinear ultrasonics, in addition to second harmonic generation, static component generation is another frequently used nonlinear ultrasonic behavior in non-destructiveExpand
Rotating speed isolation and its application to rolling element bearing fault diagnosis under large speed variation conditions
Abstract During the past decades, the conventional envelope analysis has been one of the main approaches in vibration signal processing. However, the envelope analysis is based on stationaryExpand
Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Lamb Waves Used in a Thin Plate for Detecting Buried Micro-Cracks
In this paper, the interaction between nonlinear S0 mode Lamb waves and micro-cracks of various lengths and widths buried in a thin metallic plate was simulated using the finite element method (FEM). Expand
Performance reliability estimation method based on adaptive failure threshold
Abstract In the process of performance reliability estimation for individual equipments, due to the lack of a large amount of empirical information and experimental data, failure thresholds andExpand
Learning deep representation of imbalanced SCADA data for fault detection of wind turbines
A novel intelligent fault diagnosis methodology is proposed based on exquisitely designed deep neural networks based on deep representation that can preserve within-class information and between-classes information based on triplet loss. Expand
Evaluating transient performance of servo mechanisms by analysing stator current of PMSM
Abstract Smooth running and rapid response are the desired performance goals for the transient motions of servo mechanisms. Because of the uncertain and unobservable transient behaviour of servoExpand