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This paper proposes a simple and effective approach to improve the accuracy of multiple sequence alignment. We use a natural measure to estimate the similarity of the input sequences, and based on this measure, we align the input sequences differently. For example, for inputs with high similarity, we consider the whole sequences and align them globally,(More)
The frequency domain analysis is one of the most widely used methods for tension cable test. A new method is put forward in this paper to extract the modal parameters from the vibration signal of tension cables. The ERA algorithm is used as the core of the new method. And the comparative analysis between ERA method and traditional method is also(More)
Progressive sequence alignment is one of the most commonly used method for multiple sequence alignment. Roughly speaking, the method first builds a guide tree, and then aligns the sequences progressively according to the topology of the tree. It is believed that guide trees are very important to progressive alignment; a better guide tree will give an(More)
Copy number variants (CNVs) play important roles in human disease and evolution. With the rapid development of next-generation sequencing technologies, many tools have been developed for inferring CNVs based on whole-exome sequencing (WES) data. However, as a result of the sparse distribution of exons in the genome, the limitations of the WES technique, and(More)
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