Qing Yu Fan

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Between July, 1992, and February, 1995, 62 patients with various bone tumors were treated with microwave-induced hyperthermia. The series had 47 cases of malignant tumors and 15 cases with benign tumors; most of the tumors occurred at or near knee joints (53/62 = 85.4%). The surgical procedure consisted of separating the tumorous segment from surrounding(More)
Although the tensor fasciae latae myocutaneous flap is convenient for covering some defects in the gluteal region, it is not suitable to repair a huge defect because of its limited area. Based on the close relationship of the sartorius and the tensor fasciae latae at their origins and blood supply, the authors designed a myocutaneous flap containing both(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the wide clinical use of bone cement, little is known about cellular responses to the debris from this material. We thus investigated the effects of bone cement particles on the secretion of soluble osteotropic factors in prosthetic pseudomembrane-derived fibroblasts. METHODS Bone cement particles were added to fibroblasts maintained in(More)
Twelve samples of giant cell tumor of bone were incubated in the authors' laboratory. The activity of the cells was documented by means of time lapse cinemicrography. The multinuclear giant cells (MGCs) with undegenerating nuclei migrating from the explants had active ameboid movement and continuously changed their shapes. The majority of them kept(More)
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