Qing Yong Zhang

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Patients with hyperthyroidism frequently present with regional cerebral metabolic changes, but the consequences of endocrine-induced brain changes after thyroid function normalization are unclear. We hypothesized that the changes of regional cerebral glucose metabolism are related to thyroid hormone levels in patients with(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The thermogenesis of BAT is believed to be controlled through some pathways initiated in the brain, though the changes in brain activity among different states of BAT-positive subjects are still unclear. We hypothesized that some significant differences of regional cerebral metabolism between various groups were related to the BAT(More)
Large-scale single-crystalline AlN nanotip arrays have been fabricated via a facile catalysis-free approach using AlCl 3 powder and NH 3 as starting materials. These nanotips exhibit an intense broad ultraviolet emission centered at 3.28 eV. The field emission features a notable electron current with a low turn-on field. The turn-on and threshold electric(More)
We theoretically demonstrate versatile electronic properties of germanene monolayers under circularly, linearly, and elliptically polarized light. We show for the high frequency regime that the edge states can be controlled by tuning the amplitude of the light and by applying a static electric field. For circularly polarized light the band gap in one valley(More)
The normal thymus contributes to T lymphocytes differentiation and induction of tolerance to self-antigens. Myasthenia gravis (MG) is characterized by abnormal thymic hyperplasia. To assess the potential influence of MG-thymus on the differentiation of T lymphocytes differentiation, we used the MG-thymus transplanted severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)(More)
Terrestrial carbon sequestration is an important pathway of minimizing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Tropical evergreen trees like cashew have some adaptive mechanism in an environment with strong seasonal variation of light and water.In this study, multilayer satellite images from the vegetation (VGT) sensors on board the Spot satellite
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