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The phosphorylation state of the C-terminal domain (CTD) of the RNA polymerase II plays crucial roles in transcription and mRNA processing. Previous studies showed that the plant CTD phosphatase-like 1 (CPL1) dephosphorylates Ser-5-specific CTD and regulates abiotic stress response in Arabidopsis. Here, we report the identification of a K-homology(More)
We introduce the pyunicorn (Pythonic unified complex network and recurrence analysis toolbox) open source software package for applying and combining modern methods of data analysis and modeling from complex network theory and nonlinear time series analysis. pyunicorn is a fully object-oriented and easily parallelizable package written in the language(More)
An important goal during the cycle of software development is to find and fix existing defects as early as possible. This has much to do with software defects prediction and management. Nowadays,many big software development companies have their own development repository, which typically includes a version control system and a bug tracking system. This has(More)
One of the crucial aspects that is currently limiting the success of El Niño predictions is the stability of the slowly varying Pacific climate state. This property determines whether or not sea surface temperature perturbations will be amplified by coupled ocean-atmosphere feedbacks. The so-called Bjerknes stability index has been developed for this(More)
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