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This paper studies stability problems of general impulsive differential equations where time delays occur in both differential and difference equations. Based on the method of Lyapunov functions, Razumikhin technique and mathematical induction, several stability criteria are obtained for differential equations with delayed impulses. Our results show that(More)
Based on previous studies deriving the chiral Lagrangian for pseudo scalar mesons from the first principle of QCD, we derive the electroweak chiral Lagrangian and build up a formulation for computing its coefficients from one-doublet technicolor model and a schematic topcolor-assisted technicolor model. We find that the coefficients of the electroweak(More)
A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of the general common positive solution to equations A 1 X = C 1 , XB 2 = C 2 , A 3 XA * 3 = C 3 , A 4 XA * 4 = C 4 for operators between Hilbert C *-modules is established, and an expression for the common positive solution to the equations is derived when the solvability conditions are satisfied. As(More)
This paper investigates the problem of global exponential stability for a class of impulsive cellular neural networks with time delay. By employing Lyapunov functionals, some sufficient conditions for exponential stability are established. Our results show that unstable cellular neural networks with time delay may be stabilized by impulses, where the upper(More)