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Testing the Relationship between Government Spending and Revenue: Evidence from GCC Countries
The paper examines the direction of causality between total government expenditure and revenue in oil-dependent GCC countries by utilizing a cointegration and error-correction modeling framework, andExpand
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Fiscal Expenditure Policy and Non-Oil Economic Growth: Evidence from GCC Countries
Through the use of a multivariate cointegration and error-correction model, this study investigates the short- and long-run relationship over the past two decades between fiscal expenditure policyExpand
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Consumer Generated Advertising in Blogs
Blogs are the newest and potentially most attractive online media available to marketers. This chapter discusses the unique nature of blogs and the growing power of consumer generated content. ThisExpand
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Taxi Origin-Destination Demand Prediction with Contextualized Spatial-Temporal Network
We address this problem with a novel Contextualized Spatial-Temporal Network (CSTN), which can effectively capture various context of taxi demand into a unified framework. Expand
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Crowd Counting via Multi-view Scale Aggregation Networks
We propose a novel Multi-View Scale Aggregation Network~(MVSAN), which handle the scale variation from feature, input and criterion view comprehensively to generate high-quality crowd density map and accurate count estimation. Expand
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Joint Motion Classification and Person Identification via Multitask Learning for Smart Homes
In a smart home environment, assisted living has been a topic of great research over the past decade. Expand
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Morphing aircraft control based on switched nonlinear systems and adaptive dynamic programming
This paper investigates the control problem of a morphing aircraft with variable sweep wings based on switched nonlinear systems and adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) using the backstepping technique and action-dependent heuristic dynamic programming. Expand
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Detection and Recognition of Flower Image Based on SSD network in Video Stream
This study introduced SSD deep learning technology into the field of flower detection and identification, which can facilitate the retrieval of agricultural plant information database and help people to popularize related information of flowers. Expand
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An overview of augmented reality technology
Augmented reality is a technology that combines virtual reality with reality. Expand
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