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Abstrac: This paper introduces the decision tree algorithm of machine learning methods from data mining and knowledge field and integrated it with GIS to provide a concrete example of improving geo-spatial analysis capability of GIS and mining geo-spatial knowledge form GIS database automatically and intelligently. In the first part of the paper, model(More)
This paper proposes a tamper detecting method for images using mathematical morphology. The proposed method utilizes the idempotent property of morphological operations rather than fragile watermarking methods. While fragile watermarking methods that must extract the embedded watermark and compare it with the possible watermark to detect tampers, the(More)
In modern GNSS, new signal modulations are adopted to satisfy the demand for higher performance service. Based on the composite structure of Galileo E1 signals, which introduces data and pilot channels, some joint strategies are investigated for the acquisition block. Two typical algorithms are Noncoherent Combining (NCC) and Coherent Combining (CC).(More)
This paper proposed a WebGIS-based, template oriented and on-line group spatial decision support system for Investment Environment analysis. This system provides online mapping, online spatial and non-spatial information query and online multi-criteria evaluation through Internet by integration of WebGIS and analytical module. Template servers as the "(More)
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