Qing-Song Zhao

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AKnowledge-BasedAnt ColonyOptimization (KBACO) algorithm is proposed in this paper for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem (FJSSP). KBACO algorithm provides an effective integration between Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) model and knowledge model. In the KBACO algorithm, knowledge model learns some available knowledge from the optimization of ACO, and(More)
The aim of this study is to explore the localization of human mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord matrix (hMSCs-UC) and the role of these cells in the repair of foot ulcerate tissue in diabetic foot ulcers in rats. A diabetic rat model was established by administering Streptozotocin. Diabetic foot ulceration was defined as non-healing or(More)
The lipopolysaccharide -and beta-1,3-glucan-binding protein (LGBP) is a pattern recognition receptor, which is fundamental for the innate immune response of crustaceans. A LGBP gene was cloned from the haemocytes of Portunus trituberculatus using SMART RACE methods. The full-length LGBP cDNA (1 378 bp) had a 1 095 bp open reading frame encoding a protein of(More)
We study resource-constrained project scheduling problems with perturbation on activity durations. With the consideration of robustness and stability of a schedule, we model the problem as a multiobjective optimization problem. Three objectives—makespan minimization, robustness maximization, and stability maximization—are simultaneously considered. We(More)
Neuropathy is observed in 50% of diabetic patients with diabetic foot. This study attempted to explore the potential role of human mesenchymal stem cells-umbilical cord blood (hMSCs-UC) in femoral nerve (FN) neuropathy. The model rats were established by one time administration of streptozotocin and empyrosis on the dorsal hind foot. At 3d, 7d, 14d after(More)
  • Ming Li, Qiang Li, +7 authors Jin-Chao Zhang
  • International journal of clinical and…
  • 2015
PDZK1 acts as a scaffolding protein for a large variety of transporter and regulatory proteins, and has been identified in the kidney. The PDZK1 locus has been determined to be associated with the serum urate concentration. However, the evidence supporting this protein's association with gout is equivocal. In the current study, we investigated the(More)
SoSs (System of Systems) is an unpredictable entity for the users who wish to control and utilize it before it has been constructed. How to distill the concept which is buried in people’s brain about the SoSs is a difficult and critical work in the SoSs Requirement Research. This thesis introduce some authority concept of SoSs firstly. By the(More)