Qing Song Wang

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We investigated retrieval and encoding of episodic memory in normal aging and patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). There was significant decline in the function of orientation, language and praxis besides memory impairment in the MCI group. Impairment of encoding and retrieval of episodic memory was observed in the MCI group. Encoding of episodic(More)
Various aspects of adult diet have been linked to breast cancer development. These include intake of fat (risk factor), and intake of fibre, soy protein and vitamins A, C and E (protective factors). Results of previous studies have been inconsistent. We examined the possible associations between breast cancer and various indices of nutrient and food intake(More)
OBJECTIVE Reporting bias due to social desirability is an important consideration in carrying out surveys on sensitive issues. The study compared the frequency of self reported sensitive behaviours and response rates between the conventional "telephone interviewer method" (TIM) and a combined interviewer and computerised data capturing method (telephone(More)
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