Qing Shen

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Longitudinal data sets from certain fields of biomedical research often consist of several variables repeatedly measured on each subject yielding a large number of observations. This characteristic complicates the use of traditional longitudinal modelling strategies, which were primarily developed for studies with a relatively small number of repeated(More)
—A novel wideband direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation method is proposed for co-prime arrays. After decomposing the wideband signals into different frequencies/subbands through a discrete Fourier transform or, more generally, a filter bank system, the increased degrees of freedom provided by co-prime arrays are fully exploited with a group sparsity based(More)
A class of low-complexity compressive sensing-based direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation methods for wideband co-prime arrays is proposed. It is based on a recently proposed narrowband estimation method, where a virtual array model is generated by directly vectorizing the covariance matrix and then using a sparse signal recovery method to obtain the(More)
A typical mechatronic product includes mechanical parts, software techniques, electrical and electronic components. This interdisci-plinary character significantly increases the complexity of mechatronic products. Therefore, inefficient communication between the engineers , who come from different domains, becomes one of the main challenges in the(More)
BACKGROUND Phthalates are a group of environmental endocrine disruptors and have been ubiquitously applied in industrial field. Few studies had investigated how dietary intake was related with phthalate body burden in children. To determine the relationship between phthalate body burden and dietary intake among school age children in Shanghai, China. (More)
Cu2S nanocrystal particles were in situ deposited on graphite paper to prepare nano-sulfide/carbon composite counter electrode for CdS/CdSe quantum-dot-sensitized solar cell (QDSC). By optimization of deposition time, photovoltaic conversion efficiency up to 3.08% was obtained. In the meantime, this composite counter electrode was superior to the commonly(More)