Qing Shen Lin

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The history of botanical pesticides reveals that their study did mainly focus on the determination of acute median lethal dose or concentration. In the current situation, it is the dire need to understand the sublethal effects of the botanical extracts along with the traditional studies of lethal concentrations in order to comprehensively investigate the(More)
Restraint stress modulates pain and inflammation. The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of acute restraint stress on inflammatory pain induced by subcutaneous injection of bee venom (BV). First, we investigated the effect of 1 h restraint on the spontaneous paw-flinching reflex (SPFR), decrease in paw withdrawal mechanical threshold (PWMT)(More)
Development of the pulmonary system is essential for terrestrial life. The molecular pathways that regulate this complex process are beginning to be defined, and such knowledge is critical to our understanding of congenital and acquired lung diseases. A recent workshop was convened by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to discuss the(More)
The recent explosion of genomic data and technology points to opportunities to redefine lung diseases at the molecular level; to apply integrated genomic approaches to elucidate mechanisms of lung pathophysiology; and to improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of lung diseases. Research is needed to translate genomic discoveries into clinical(More)
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