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Pannexins are mammalian orthologs of the invertebrate gap junction proteins innexins and thus have been proposed to play a role in gap junctional intercellular communication. Localization of exogenously expressed pannexin 1 (Panx1) and pannexin 3 (Panx3), together with pharmacological studies, revealed a cell surface distribution profile and life cycle(More)
The present study was designed to determine the specific roles played by lysosomes and proteasomes in the degradation of Cx43 in both gap junctional intercellular communication-deficient MDA-MB-231 and -competent BICR-M1Rk cells. In MDA-MB-231 cells, immunolocalization and brefeldin A protein transport blocking studies revealed that there was a propensity(More)
AIM To examine the efficacy and safety of vildagliptin vs. glimepiride as add-on therapy to metformin in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a 52-week interim analysis of a large, randomized, double-blind, multicentre study. The primary objective was to demonstrate non-inferiority of vildagliptin vs. glimepiride in glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA(1c))(More)
BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia and a leading cause of cardiovascular morbidity, particularly stroke. The cardiac gap-junction protein connexin 40 is expressed selectively in atrial myocytes and mediates the coordinated electrical activation of the atria. We hypothesized that idiopathic atrial fibrillation has a(More)
Hepatitis due to reactivation of hepatitis B virus (HBV) has been reported in patients treated with direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agents for chronic hepatitis C virus infection. We performed an observational study to determine the incidence of and factors associated with hepatitis in 327 patients receiving pan-oral DAA agents for HCV infections in areas(More)
AIM Assess safety/tolerability and efficacy of the DPP-4 inhibitor vildagliptin in 515 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and moderate or severe renal impairment (RI). METHODS Double-blind, randomized, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, 24-week clinical trial assessing safety and efficacy of vildagliptin (50 mg qd) added to current(More)
Metastasis involves the emigration of tumor cells through the vascular endothelium, a process also known as diapedesis. The molecular mechanisms regulating tumor cell diapedesis are poorly understood, but may involve heterocellular gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) between tumor cells and endothelial cells. To test this hypothesis we(More)
Connexin43 (Cx43) has been reported to interact with caveolin (Cav)-1, but the role of this association and whether other members of the caveolin family bind Cx43 had yet to be established. In this study, we show that Cx43 coimmunoprecipitates and colocalizes with Cav-1 and Cav-2 in rat epidermal keratinocytes. The colocalization of Cx43 with Cav-1 was(More)
Pannexin1 (Panx1) is an integral membrane protein comprised of three species as follows: an unglycosylated core-Gly0, a high mannose-Gly1, and a complex glycosylated Gly2 species. Although Panx1 channels mediate several cellular responses, the domain regulating its oligomerization and cell surface trafficking and the mechanisms governing its internalization(More)
Previous reports have suggested that Cx26 exhibits unique intracellular transport pathways en route to the cell surface compared with other members of the connexin family. To directly examine and compare nascent and steady-state delivery of Cx43 and Cx26 to the plasma membrane and gap junction biogenesis we expressed fluorescent-protein-tagged Cx43 and Cx26(More)