Qing-Quan Qian

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In the advanced manufacturing industry, planar switched reluctance motors (PSRMs) have proved to be a promising candidate due to their advantages of high precision, low cost, low heat loss, and ease of manufacture. However, their inverse force function, which provides vital phase current command for precise motion, is highly nonlinear and hard to be(More)
As one kind of direct-drive planar motors, planar switched reluctance motors (PSRMs) have wide application prospects in high-precision motions of modern industry, due to the advantages of high precision, quick response, low cost and simple construction, etc. In order to achieve the precise motions of PSRMs, inverse force functions play an important role to(More)
Because there exists the ambiguity in complex systems, and there is the limitation in traditional fault tree, a novel fault tree analysis theory is introduced. In the theory, the probability grey number, which can express the event's subjective ambiguity and objective ambiguity, is introduced to express the degree and probability that the components go(More)
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