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Independent component analysis (ICA) has been widely deployed to the analysis of microarray datasets. Although it was pointed out that after ICA transformation, different independent components (ICs) are of different biological significance, the IC selection problem is still far from fully explored. In this paper, we propose a genetic algorithm (GA) based(More)
Based on the investigation above background of stem cell research, this paper obtains the research topics of different time-window series with LDA topic segment model, and then the emerging topics are identified and judged according to the assumption of emerging topic definition. This paper proposes a new method to detect and identify the emerging topic in(More)
The pivot language approach for statistical machine translation (SMT) is a good method to break the resource bottleneck for certain language pairs. However, in the implementation of conventional approaches, pivot-side context information is far from fully utilized, resulting in erroneous estimations of translation probabilities. In this study, we propose(More)
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