Qing-Ping Yang

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We analyze the semantics of composition and QoS among services, and study the discovery and selection processes of composite services, and show a recommend principle of services. In the description of composite service, we present the composite semantics with sequence, selection and concurrent etc. Two services are similar on semantics only if they match(More)
Water and nitrogen are two of the most important factors for plant growth and development. However, little is known about effects of N on water translocation between connected bamboo ramets. We performed experiment connected Indocalamus decorus ramets in adjacent pots with different soil water contents and three N levels. We determined antioxidase(More)
We state the Macro Semantic Relations (MSR) in services computing from four courses-services discovery, services composition, services selection and services recommendation. We analyze the MSR through Black Box-details are ignored, and the characters of I/O are stressed. First, describe Web services with IOPEs and QoS. Secondary, describe the semantics of(More)
A novel anion sensor array based on supramolecular metallogels has been developed. It could accurately identify CN(-), SCN(-), S(2-) and I(-) in water. Interestingly, this sensor array is based on a novel design approach termed "competitive coordination control AIE mode" to develop anion-responsive gels which need only one synthesized gelator G1.
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