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Position control devices enable precise selection, but significant clutching degrades performance. Clutching can be reduced with high control-display gain or pointer acceleration, but there are human and device limits. Elastic rate control eliminates clutching completely, but can make precise selection difficult. We show that hybrid position-rate control(More)
We use various nonlinear partial differential equations to efficiently solve several surface modelling problems, including surface blending, N-sided hole filling and free-form surface fitting. The nonlinear equations used include two second order flows, two fourth order flows and two sixth order flows. These nonlinear equations are discretized based on(More)
Deceleration capacity (DC) of heart rate is a novel indicator of autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity. In this paper, we proposed a modified DC index based on improved phase-rectified signal averaging (PRSA) algorithm. Sinusoidal analysis is applied to elucidate the rationality of the improved PRSA. Then the validity of the modified DC is verified by the(More)
The fascinating characters of minimal surface make it to be widely used in the shape design. While the flexibility and high quality of subdivision surface make it to be a powerful mathematical tool for shape representation. In this paper, we construct minimal subdivision surfaces with given boundaries using the mean curvature flow, a second order geometric(More)
The unconditional entanglement swapping for continuous variables is experimentally demonstrated. Two initial entangled states are produced from two nondegenerate optical parametric amplifiers operating at de-amplification. Through implementing the direct measurement of the Bell-state between two optical beams from each amplifier the remaining two optical(More)