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Position control devices enable precise selection, but significant clutching degrades performance. Clutching can be reduced with high control-display gain or pointer acceleration, but there are human and device limits. Elastic rate control eliminates clutching completely, but can make precise selection difficult. We show that hybrid position-rate control(More)
We use various nonlinear partial differential equations to efficiently solve several surface modelling problems, including surface blending, N-sided hole filling and free-form surface fitting. The nonlinear equations used include two second order flows, two fourth order flows and two sixth order flows. These nonlinear equations are discretized based on(More)
BACKGROUND Fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition is a key event during wound healing and hypertrophic scar formation. Previous studies suggested Wnt/β-catenin signaling might be involved in the wound healing. However, its specific role in skin fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition remains unclear. OBJECTIVE To investigate the specific role of β-catenin(More)
The anaerobic global regulator FNR from Escherichia coli is a [4Fe-4S](2+) cluster containing, O(2) labile dimer that plays an important role in adapting the bacterium to its anaerobic lifestyle. Although functional significance of this global regulator has been well established, its structural and biochemical characterizations have been hindered by the(More)
EGF is an essential growth factor needed for epithelial cell proliferation and wound healing of the cornea, but the molecular mechanism is not understood. Although studies have shown that EGF in some non-phagocytic cells induces ROS generation, little is known about the role of ROS in corneal epithelial cells. Therefore, we examined the potential(More)
To help clinicians diagnose Heart failure (HF) at the early stage, this study proposes a scoring model based on support vector machine (SVM). Missing data in clinic are imputed by employing Bayesian principal component analysis. According to the evaluation of cardiac dysfunction, samples are classified into three groups: the healthy group (without cardiac(More)
BACKGROUND =Theoretically, autologous serum eye drops (AS) have a potential advantage over traditional therapies based on the assumption that ASserve not only as a lacrimal substitute to provide lubrication, but also contain other biochemical components mimicking natural tears more closely. The application of AS in dry eye treatment has gained popularity as(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2008, a progressive pneumonia has become prevalent in broilers and laying hens. This disease occurrs the first day after hatching and lasts more than 30 days, resulting in approximately 70% morbidity and 30% mortality in broilers. The objective of this study was to isolate and identify the pathogens that are responsible for the progressive(More)
BACKGROUND   To assess the indications for and graft outcomes of penetrating keratoplasty (PK) in a tertiary hospital in China. DESIGN   A retrospective analysis of hospital records of patients, who had undergone PK at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University in China over a 10-year period, was performed. PARTICIPANTS   A total of 203 eyes(More)