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BACKGROUND CCCH-type zinc finger proteins comprise a large protein family. Increasing evidence suggests that members of this family are RNA-binding proteins with regulatory functions in mRNA processing. Compared with those in animals, functions of CCCH-type zinc finger proteins involved in plant growth and development are poorly understood. (More)
In this paper we describe a method of acquiring word order fl'om corpora. Word order is defined as the order of modifiers, or the order of phrasal milts called 'bunsetsu' which depend on the stone modifiee. The method uses a model which automatically discovers what the tendency of the word order in Japanese is by using various kinds of information in and(More)
We constructed a system for answering non-factoid Japanese questions. We used passage retrieval methods for the system. We extracted paragraphs based on terms from an input question and output them as the desired answer. We classified the non-factoid questions into six categories. We used a particular method for each category. For example, we increased the(More)
This paper presents a part-of-speech tagging method based on a min-max modular neural-network model. The method has three main steps. First, a large-scale tagging problem is decomposed into a number of relatively smaller and simpler subproblems according to the class relations among a given training corpus. Secondly, all of the subproblems are learned by(More)
Neurocognitive (NC) complications continue to afflict a substantial proportion of HIV-infected people taking effective antiretroviral therapy (ART). One contributing mechanism for this is antiretroviral neurotoxicity. Efavirenz (EFV) is associated with short-term central nervous system (CNS) toxicity, but less is known about its long-term effects. Our(More)
Seasonal estrus is a critical limiting factor of animal fecundity, and it involves changes in both ovarian biology and hormone secretion in different seasons. Previous studies indicate that two classes of small RNAs (miRNAs and piRNAs) play important regulatory roles in ovarian biology. To understand the roles of small RNA-mediated post-transcriptional(More)
A hybrid system R)r tagging part of speech is descril)ed that consists of a neuro tagger and a rule-based correcter. The neuro tagger is an initia.1-state a.nnotator tha.t uses difl'ertnt h_,,ngths of contexts based on longe, st context l)ri-ority. Its inputs a.re weighted 1)y information gains tha.t are obtained by information ma.xi-mization. The(More)
Robertson's 2-poisson information retrieve model does not use location and category information. We constructed a framework using location and category information in a 2-poisson model. We submitted two systems based on this framework to the IREX contest, Japanese language information retrieval contest held in Japan in 1999. For precision in the A-judgement(More)