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SPL6 represses signalling outputs of ER stress in control of panicle cell death in rice
Inositol-requiring enzyme 1 (IRE1) is the most conserved transducer of the unfolded protein response that produces either adaptive or death signals depending on the amplitude and duration of itsExpand
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Metabolic Reprogramming in Chloroplasts under Heat Stress in Plants
Increases in ambient temperatures have been a severe threat to crop production in many countries around the world under climate change. Chloroplasts serve as metabolic centers and play a key role inExpand
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Engineering Escherichia coli for autoinducible production of n-butanol
article Background: Escherichia coli does not produce n-butanol naturally, but can be butanologenic when related enzymes were expressed using inducible elements on plasmids. In this study weExpand
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Carex longipetiolata (Cyperaceae), a new sedge from Hainan, China
Carex longipetiolata , a new species of Carex sect. Rhomboidales from Hainan, China, is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to C. saxicola , but differs in having wider leaves withExpand
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Putative zeatin O-glucosyltransferase OscZOG1 regulates root and shoot development and formation of agronomic traits in rice.
As a ubiquitous reaction, glucosylation controls the bioactivity of cytokinins in plant growth and development. Here we show that genetic manipulation of zeatin-O-glucosylation regulates theExpand
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Nuclear-encoded synthesis of the D1 subunit of photosystem II increases photosynthetic efficiency and crop yield
In photosynthetic organisms, the photosystem II (PSII) complex is the primary target of thermal damage. Plants have evolved a repair process to prevent the accumulation of damaged PSII. The repair ofExpand
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Adsorption of zinc onto anionic ion-exchange resin from cyanide barren solution
Abstract Removal of zinc from cyanide barren solution is obligatory for its reuse in leach process. Batch experiments were carried out to evaluate the adsorption capacity of resins under differentExpand
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Adsorption Technology and Mechanism of Cu and CN− From Cyanide Waste Water on Modified Peanut Shell
Modified peanut shell (MPS) was prepared from peanut hull by chemical activation with H3PO4 and carbonized, which was characterized by micrometrics ASAP-20, SEM, and EDS. Adsorption of Cu and CN− onExpand
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Development and Study of a New Kind of 3-DOF Tripod
A novel 3-DOF parallel machine tool based on a tripod mechanism has been developed and studied. Expand
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Comparison of Anthraquinones, Iridoid Glycosides and Triterpenoids in Morinda officinalis and Morinda citrifolia Using UPLC/Q-TOF-MS and Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Roots of Morinda officinalis and Morinda citrifolia have been interchangeably used in traditional Chinese medicine. However, there is no experimental evidence to support this. In this study, aExpand
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