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Skyline has been proposed as an important operator for multi-criteria decision making , data mining and visualization, and user-preference queries. In this paper, we consider the problem of efficiently computing a Skycube, which consists of skylines of all possible non-empty subsets of a given set of dimensions. While existing skyline computation algorithms(More)
— Existing prediction methods in moving objects databases cannot forecast locations accurately if the query time is far away from the current time. Even for near future prediction, most techniques assume the trajectory of an object's movements can be represented by some mathematical formulas of motion functions based on its recent movements. However, an(More)
The skyline operator is important for multicriteria decision-making applications. Although many recent studies developed efficient methods to compute skyline objects in a given space, none of them considers skylines in multiple subspaces simultaneously. More importantly, the fundamental problem on the <i>semantics</i> of skylines remains open: Why and in(More)
—Peta-scale scientific applications running on High End Computing (HEC) platforms can generate large volumes of data. For high performance storage and in order to be useful to science end users, such data must be organized in its layout, indexed, sorted, and otherwise manipulated for subsequent data presentation, visualization, and detailed analysis. In(More)
Graphene is a rising star as one of the promising materials with many applications. Its global literature increased fast in recent years. In this work, bibliometric analysis and knowledge visualization technology were applied to evaluate global scientific production and developing trend of graphene research. The data were collected from 1991 to 2010 from(More)
In order to understand the complex physics of mother nature, physicist often use many approximations to understand one area of physics and then write a simulation to reduce these equations to ones that can be solved on a computer. Different approximations lead to different equations that model different physics, which can often lead to a completely(More)
Graphs are widely used to model complex data in many applications, such as bioinformatics, chemistry, social networks , pattern recognition, etc. A fundamental and critical query primitive is to efficiently search similar structures in a large collection of graphs. This paper studies the graph similarity queries with edit distance constraints. Existing(More)