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[1] Continuous CO measurements were obtained at Cheeka Peak Observatory (CPO, 48.3 N, 124.6 W, 480 m), a coastal site in Washington state, between 9 March 2001 and 31 May 2002. We analyze these observations as well as CO observations at ground sites throughout the North Pacific using the GEOS-CHEM global tropospheric chemistry model to examine the seasonal(More)
To provide genetic basis for apricot (Prunus armeniaca Lam.) breeding, inheritance and correlation of yield components including self-compatibility, self-pollinated fruiting rate, fertile flower rate, average fruit weight and fruit number per plant were studied with 5-year-old seedlings of apricot F1 hybrids from ‘Katy’ × (‘Xinshiji’, ‘Katy’ × (‘Hongfeng’(More)
Enfuvirtide (T20) is the first and only HIV-1 fusion inhibitor approved for clinical use, but it can easily induce drug resistance limiting its practical application. A novel anti-HIV peptide, termed sifuvirtide, was designed based on the three-dimensional structure of the HIV-1 gp41 fusogenic core conformation. Here we report its in vitro anti-HIV potency,(More)
MicroRNAs have been extensively studied as regulators of hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis. We identified miR-638 as a novel regulator in myeloid differentiation and proliferation of leukemic cells. We found that miR-638 was developmentally up-regulated in cells of myeloid but not lymphoid lineage. Furthermore, significant miR-638 down-regulation was(More)
Embryo rescue technique was used successfully to produce interspecific hybrids by crossing peach (P. persica) as a female parent with apricot (P. armeniaca) and plum (P. salicica). In those crosses that had ‘Yuhualu’ or ‘Zhonghuashoutao’ as female parents, hybrid embryos aborted from the 7th or 8th week after pollination mainly due to post-pollination(More)
We present a new model for the global tropospheric chemistry of inorganic bromine (Bry) coupled to oxidant-aerosol chemistry in the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model (CTM). Sources of tropospheric Bry include debromination of sea-salt aerosol, photolysis and oxidation of short-lived bromocarbons, and transport from the stratosphere. Comparison to a GOME-2(More)
Focusing on the problem of the poor locating performance in original DV-Hop algorithm which is one of the range-free algorithms in wireless sensor network (WSN), an intelligent DV-Hop algorithm for locating nodes was proposed in this paper. Fully considering the effect of dynamic topology, the self-adaptive artificial bee colony (SAABC) algorithm was(More)
The study compared the protein differences between self- and across-pollinated self-incompatible (SI) apricots by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-electrospray ion trap tandem mass spectrometry, the results showed that nine protein spots were expressed in self-pollinated pistil and only one was expressed in cross-pollinated(More)
PURPOSE The Beijing Eye Public Health Care Project was designed to screen all elderly subjects (age 55-85 years) of the rural region of Greater Beijing. It was developed as a preparatory step for a telemedicine-based public health care system in ophthalmology in China. DESIGN Population-based public health care project. PARTICIPANTS Elderly subjects(More)
AIM Salusin-β is a regulatory peptide that exerts negative inotropic effect on ventricular muscle, but its electrophysiological effects on ventricular myocytes are still unknown. METHODS Action potential and channel currents such as sodium current (I(N) (a) ), transient outward potassium current (I(to) ), steady-state potassium current (I(sus)(More)