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The selection of the clustering parameter based on k-means plays an important part in the cell image segmentation. By combination different clustered image’s color information entropy calculation with original image, it can gain the optimal clustering number for color cell image segmentation. It also introduces a clustering number k-related mutual(More)
This paper presents a new model predictive control (MPC) system for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) platooning using slope information to improve fuel economy. The new features of this study are as follows. First, a system for HEV platooning has been developed considering varying drag coefficients and road gradients. Second, the general model of the(More)
Focusing on the problem of the poor locating performance in original DV-Hop algorithm which is one of the range-free algorithms in wireless sensor network (WSN), an intelligent DV-Hop algorithm for locating nodes was proposed in this paper. Fully considering the effect of dynamic topology, the self-adaptive artificial bee colony (SAABC) algorithm was(More)
Due to the large number of transmissions close to the Loran-C band, synchronous interference has become a serious problem. An improved adaptive algorithm for suppressing the synchronous interference of Loran-C components is presented. The present adaptive algorithms have the disadvantages of tremendous operation and long-time orientation, thus, the paper(More)
At the age of global positioning system (GPS), Loran-C is still valuable. Loran-C can be used in the new navigation infrastructure both as a backup navigation and a redundant source of GPS integrity information which is provided by the wide area augmentation system (WAAS). The time information, such as WAAS message, can be added into Loran-C by using(More)
For the distribution characteristics in a slice of pathological cell image, the system transforms them into the characteristic vectores by quantization and clustering in HSV color model, it promotes the concerned isolated pixel color description into the color feature ralative to its neighborhood's color histogram and color moments. By choosing appropriate(More)
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