Qing-Li Li

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Automatic tongue area segmentation is crucial for computer aided tongue diagnosis, but traditional intensity-based segmentation methods that make use of monochromatic images cannot provide accurate and robust results. We propose a novel tongue segmentation method that uses hyperspectral images and the support vector machine. This method combines spatial and(More)
Human tongue is one of the important organs of the body, which carries abound of information of the health status. The images of the human tongue that are used in computerized tongue diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are all RGB color images captured with color CCD cameras currently. However, this conversional method impedes the accurate(More)
  • Qing-li Li
  • 2010
The 70MHz narrow band quartz crystal filter has been developed. The filter features: center frequency 70MHz, 3dB band width ≥13.5KHz, ripple in pass band ≤0.5dB, stopband attenuation ≥50dB, rectangle coefficient ≤2.2, insertion loss ≤3dB, input and output impedance 50Ω, range of operation temperature(More)
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