Qing-Li Chen

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We propose a novel metal artifact reduction method based on a fractional-order curvature driven diffusion model for X-ray computed tomography. Our method treats projection data with metal regions as a damaged image and uses the fractional-order curvature-driven diffusion model to recover the lost information caused by the metal region. The numerical scheme(More)
Protein coding gene annotation errors in prokaryotic genomes are accumulating continually in bioinformatics databases, while the update rate of genome annotation can not keep up with the explosive increasing genome sequences in most cases. Hence it is critical to manually rectify the genome annotation errors. In this paper, a hybrid strategy by combing the(More)
The important roles of duplicated genes in evolutional process have been recognized in bacteria, archaebacteria and eukaryotes, while there is very little study on the multi-copied protein coding genes that share sequence identity of 100%. In this paper, the multi-copied protein coding genes in a number of prokaryotic genomes are comprehensively analyzed(More)
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