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Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) enables mobile devices to use resource providers other than mobile devices themselves to host the execution of mobile applications. Recent research shows that it is more suitable for mobile devices to offload complex real-time applications to the cloud formed by nearby mobile devices, referred to as the local mobile cloud,(More)
The impact of water droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces with a wettability gradient is studied using the lattice Boltzmann simulation. Droplets impacting such textured surfaces have been previously reported to rebound obliquely following the wettability gradient due to the unbalanced interfacial forces created by the heterogeneous architectures. Here we(More)
Free and open in nature, open cloud platforms have enjoyed their wide acceptance in academic institutions and enterprises. Fair and insightful comparisons of these available open cloud platforms, however, can still be a challenging task, mainly due to lack of an appropriate evaluation methodology. In this paper, we thus attempt to perform a quantitative(More)
—This paper explores how to improve BOW model for human action recognition in real environment. Traditional codebook learning uses single appearance based local features, thus spatial and temporal correlations of local features are ignored. This leads to a considerable amount of mismatch between sample vectors and noisy visual words resulted from background(More)