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A Sleeping Beauty (SB) in science refers to a paper whose importance is not recognized for several years after publication. Its citation history exhibits a long hibernation period followed by a sudden spike of popularity. Previous studies suggest a relative scarcity of SBs. The reliability of this conclusion is, however, heavily dependent on identification(More)
Metrics derived from Twitter and other social media-often referred to as altmetrics-are increasingly used to estimate the broader social impacts of scholarship. Such efforts, however, may produce highly misleading results, as the entities that participate in conversations about science on these platforms are largely unknown. For instance, if altmetric(More)
Telecommunication data analysis has been often used as a background application to motivate many problems. However, traditional analysis algorithms meet new challenges, as the continued exponential growth in both the volume and the complexity of telecom data. With respect to this challenge, a new class of techniques and computing framework, such as(More)
Science is increasingly dominated by teams. Understanding patterns of scientific collaboration and their impacts on the productivity and evolution of disciplines is crucial to understand scientific processes. Electronic bibliography offers a unique opportunity to map and investigate the nature of scientific collaboration. Recent studies have demonstrated a(More)
Link prediction in complex networks is an important issue in graph mining. It aims at estimating the likelihood of the existence of links between nodes by the know network structure information. Currently, most link prediction algorithms based on local information consider only the individual characteristics of common neighbors. In this paper, first, we(More)